The Ultimate Nursing Basket – Must Have!

This can be called as the ultimate gift pack to give and receive. Perfect for baby shower or when visiting the new mom. This so useful and versatile that you do need anything else apart from this basket. Indeed a life saver. When it’s feeding time for baby, you usually get stuck in the room a significant period of time until your baby is fed full. Sometimes this can be really impatient when you wish you had grabbed the one thing that would have kept you in company and entertained until the whole process is done. This is when the nursing basket comes in handy as you get everything you possibly need during the feeding time with nothing left out. Here are few of the things that you can use to your basket and feel free to add more if you wish to.

Basket / container

A cute basket could do, but if not available a container would also be fine. You need to find something with a handle that makes it easy to carry around when it’s feeding time. You don’t want to feel like you’re hording a box around carrying multiple breastfeeding products, therefore select something that’s size appropriate taking note of the baby that you need to carry with one arm.

Water bottle

Apart from the many breastfeeding products water is a necessity. One can never have too much water when feeding a baby.

Items to snack on

Mommy’s always get a tad bit hungry when feeding their baby. It’s not possible to move around with latched baby, hence it’s wise to keep a few snacks that you can much on while feeding.

Hair ties

Feeding a hungry baby with free flowing hair can be a mistake that you do not want to repeat. It’s always much easier when you have the hair off your face when feeding. One less hassle item to be free from.

Nursing cover

You can predict unexpected visitors dropping in when there is a new baby at home. Therefore its best to always be prepared to cover yourself with these gorgeous covers that are available in an array of designs that are so handy even when feeding in public.

Reusable breast warmers

A complete must have. Preference is your choice, from reusable to disposable. It’s useful to have those in handy when your feeding as you can immediately change when you know the pads are soaked.

The Entertainment

Most important item of all, entertainment for the mother. Keep close of a book, magazine, phone or tab that will keep you company as feeding sessions can get longer than expected.