Reasons To Give Books As Presents

A book, may it be a work of fiction, of art or even a collection of poetry – will always be a ticket to a whole new world beneath your palms. A book lover would always know the power of a good piece of writing, because it could inspire you, poke your curious mind and urge you to think outside the box, and drive you to be creative thinkers and innovators. And thus, given are a few reasons why books are the best gifts to give. In this fast paced world, tablets have replaced the sweet smelling, hard cover books. Given below are reasons why we should change that.
EducationalIt is something that will always add knowledge. Reading a book, even a tacky romance novel would give you some sort of education. The gift of literacy is the ultimate gift – and thus, may it be a child, your lover, your friends or your grandparents a good book will always be an asset, a piece of something that could inspire them to be better and do better and even relax their minds, because one can never have too many books.
Can be personalizedSelf-help books, biographies, books about gardening and even cooking could be deemed very pointless in this day and age for all of these information is a few taps on your keyboard away. But the power of having a solid book is an entirely different feeling. You could personalize these when gifting it to someone. They could prove to be good lunch boxes for kids  nowadays for they are drifting away from the culture of actually reading a book.
Lasts foreverNot everything we buy lasts forever, except diamonds may be. But a good hard cover book could give information, knowledge, peace and calmness to your mind for years to come. It is so much better than swishing the pages of your tablet while reading an e-book, because there is the actual feeling of touching the solid book. They could be ideal kids gift ideas even though today many of them are into technology, at
Easy to findIf you also do not want to stress on a gift, a book is an ideal present for anybody. They can be bought very easily, for there are many books that can be bought online without any hassle. They make thoughtful and very interesting gifts. You can even get them delivered to the person’s house and  that would make things much easier and convenient for you. It is important that we as a generation understand the value of an actual physical books rather than stories on PDF files and E-books, for reading it through could be an entire journey, a holistic experience that anyone would enjoy.