Preparing Your Child For School In The New Year

As the New Year starts most parents are busy preparing their child to go to school. For some parents this may be their child’s first year of school for some this may be their children returning to school. Whichever the case there is lot of preparation to be done before they go.
Get their books readyThe biggest challenge is to get all the specified books and put covers and put name stickers on them. To make it easier you can go to a book shop and buy them in bulk. All the writing books and stationary are on sale or you can get a bulk discount for personalised labels. If you know other parents you can buy with them so that all of you may save some on the books. When it comes text books there are at least 7 books that you need to get and it is better to pre order them. Since all the parents are buying the same book sometimes the bookshops may run out of the text books. If possible order it online form Amazon or eBay.
Buy the suppliesDon’t keep this to the last minute, the problem is most parents think this is not important so keep it to last and forget till the last minute. School supplies like school bags, lunch boxes, water bottles and other items are important for the child. You need to get these sooner and put labels on them if the kid is in primary school or elementary. It will help the teachers to identify each student’s belongings. Also some school have a rule that all the students should bring similar type of supplies to avoid some students having luxury things and some students failing to bring them. Contact the school to find out if they have any policy like that or contact reliable labels company.
Uniforms and sports equipmentIf the school has a uniform make sure you order them at least two weeks prior so that the child won’t have to wear the old uniforms in the New Year. Also if your child has signed up for any sports activities in the New Year make sure you check with the coach or the PT teacher whether they need to bring any equipment for it. If so make sure you get them on time. You can either buy these online or visit a shop to get the sports equipment. Also get the shoes and other parts for the school uniform before school starts. Some parents forget to buy the shoes and the children end up wearing the old ones to school which is not very helpful in character building of the student.