Keep Your Toddler’s Mind Active

Your child’s mind develops at a rapid pace and it is your duty to keep up that pace and nurture it. There have been numerous studies conducted and various specialists come up with different techniques every day. However, there are some olden yet golden techniques that will help stimulate your child’s mind and nurture its learning abilities.

When it comes to child care, everyone has a different opinion and method but when it comes to enhancing your child’s problem solving skills, a game of matching sets has been used for ages. The process is simple, just draw a few identical patterns on 2 separate pieces of paper and have your child find the matching set. Repeat this process until all the pairs have been matched. By having him identify the different shapes and matching them to its pair, you will be enhancing his ability solve problems at a very young age

The next suggestion is one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to child care north in Rockhampton. I spy has been a game loved by all at some point in our lives whether it be a way to pass time on a road trip or something to keep the kiddies entertained but we rarely consider it as a building block of our mind. The much loved game is an excellent way of stimulating your child’s senses. This will make them more aware of their surroundings and be able to differentiate objects. Also by naming each object they will become more familiar with the words and letters which will help with their language and communication skills.

Another way you can stimulate your toddler’s brain is by letting play toss the ball. It is the same concept as catch but a bit more toddler friendly. This game will be able help your child’s reflexes and motor skills. It will also help with your child’s hand and eye coordination, a skill when learnt at an early age will help your child immensely in his future, especially if you want a little athlete on your hands. 

Another activity you can try at home is playing with dough or clay. This develops your child’s creative side while allowing his motor and concentration skills to flourish. By teaching him how to make different shapes you will be making him more aware of his surroundings and help him to identify the objects around him. This activity also helps to develop your child’s imagination. There are a number of activities you can do to help your child’s development and these are few which have been used for ages and have been proven to do the job.