Getting Ready For The Season

The Christmas season is one of the most exciting seasons of the year. Christmas is celebrated the world over, not only be Christians and Catholics but by all people of every religion. The reason for this is that Christmas brings back so many special memories of our childhood, of crowding around the fire place and of our homes fragrant with the amazing smell of cinnamon of cinnamon wafting through the year as our mothers made the traditional Christmas cake. Today however, Christmas has sadly become something very different from what it used to be as it has been commercialized and taken over by business. Christmas has sadly become more about spending money and a sort of competition to spend the most money on the biggest gift than about the warmth and sharing that Christmas used to be.
Taking back the seasonLike your parents did for you when you were small, today you as an adult have the responsibility of making Christmas an amazing experience for your little ones and creating memories for them that they will one day remember in to adult hood and be able to relate to their children. Make a list of all the people that your family needs to send Christmas cards to and send out gifts to and ask your kinds to come up with Christmas gift ideas for each person. Now your kids may have great taste in gifts or they may choose silly gifts, but it is important to let them have the freedom to choose and the pride in telling the recipient that the gift was indeed a part of their own Christmas gift ideas list. You may even ask your kids to make something small for each person instead of having to spend a lot of money on the gift.
Handmade gifts make amazing presents and knowing that a kid made it makes it even more special. You might even get your kids involved in a Christmas food making day where you make your own versions of all yours and your kids favourite Christmas treats where you will be able to pack one of each in to each backpacks for kids and gift them as presents with little cards that were also made by your kids themselves. You do not need to follow in the footsteps of your parents when making Christmas memories. You need to instead, create your own traditions as a family, traditions that will live on in your family for years and years to come. Let your own kids make the rules.